• 4 carbon blade fans
    300 km/h (186 mph)
    0% noise - 100 % adrenaline

    EVG Group fans for "Luxfly" indoor skydiving windtunnel

  • 50 built-in centrifugal fans
    200 µm paint
    100 % high-gloss

    The EVG Group for BMW Dingolfing

  • 15 hot gas fans for tunnel furnace
    573°C quartz inversion
    100 % good batch

    The EVG Group for Hans Lingl

  • 1 centrifugal fan with cordon drive
    60 °C food safe drying
    100 % enjoyment

    The EVG Group for the Bühler Group

  • 1 ARP fan with titanium impeller
    20 years in operation
    100 % reliability

    The EVG Group for Tata Steel


Definitely the best solution.

EVG industrial fans


Fans from EVG Lufttechnik GmbH are certified quality products. From radial to axial fans up to individual special solutions: We manufacture the right system for every requirement.


We also consider the entire system in order to obtain a cost-effective result for our customers. That's why our development department is always searching for new methods to sustainably increase our efficiency.