Production at EVG

Precision of the weld seam up to the complete system


Every day, the production department at EVG Lufttechnik GmbH is focused on one goal: To develop, design and build the most economical solution for each of our customers that meets their individual requirements.

Therefore, we think about the complete system when designing our fans. Our competent team of experts is responsible for all fan systems - from the enquiry, design and construction, up to the tightening of the last screw. Instead of working on a production line, we work directly on the fan - manually and with an eye for every detail. Because we are convinced that: Safety depends on every weld seam! Of course the weld seams, as well as all other components in EVG fans, are produced according to the ISO standard.

With the aid of our self-developed systems, the latest technology, extensive production depth and high level of material competence, we can make every special fan solution possible. We are able to guarantee a smooth value chain through our innovative development and project management methods and our extensive know-how. To ensure it stays that way, our in-house development department continuously searches for new opportunities to reduce the energy consumption of systems and increase the efficiency of existing systems.

This is how integrated, cost-efficient solutions are produced at EVG. Close to the fan – close to our customers.

We will be glad to assist you:

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Fax: +49 7042 8750-27

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