Quality policy

Our quality policy is focussing on the needs of our customers and the interested parties as best as possible and derives from our company policy. The development and maintenance of a corporate culture makes it easier for all employees to focus on company policy and its goals.

We see ourselves as:

  •  We are an innovative fan manufacturer for large volume ventilation technology with high application competency,
  •  We are internationally oriented. Our market is the world market,
  •  We manage the technical and commercial product requirements of our customers alike,
  •  Our products represent a first-class quality in the market,
  •  Our business constantly places new demands on us. We are flexible in doing so and are therefore structured according to business segments and processes,
  •  Our corporate culture is characterized by mutual appreciation, reliability and solution orientation,
  •  In this way, we offer each employee development perspectives and a reliable life planning.

The details are controlled by our QM system. Our QM system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Our QM system is a description of the requirements we define. Its application ensures that all activities affecting the performance of the company are planned, controlled and monitored, and that contractually agreed requirements are met. 

The management considers it as their task to promote the responsibility and quality consciousness of all employees and to regulate the responsibilities for all quality-influencing activities.

For us, acting with quality also means dealing with valuable resources efficiently and gently. All employees have the duty and the right to prevent circumstances that limit the results of the company's performance.

The continuous improvement of the company is therefore a prerequisite for an effective reduction of costs and an important contribution to the protection of the environment.


Eberdingen 17.07.17

Frank Häusler

CEO & Partner


DIN EN ISO 9001 2022

EVG Engicon Airtech PVT LTD

ECM 18 ATEX-AR 3843
EVG Engicon Airtech PVT LTD

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