Pulp and Paper Processing

EVS fans are used in the drying process for the production of paper, paperboard and headboxes as well as in heat recovery systems for air and water. For example, they are used in Yankee Hoods machines for circulated air and on the wet and on the dry side in the production of handkerchiefs.

Single or double inlet centrifugal fans are mainly constructed for this.

The highest priority for these strong, heavy fans is a drive power of up to 1000 kW and a high maximum temperature – in this case up to 500 °C.


Roses Paper, Florida - Tissue

Huhtamäki Oyj - Fresh food packaging

The protection of fresh food with appropriate sales packaging as well as environmentally-friendly recycling are special requirements of the packaging industry. For the production of the appropriate cardboard packaging, EVG supplies a customised special stainless steel fan for drying the cardboard at temperatures of up to 400 °C.

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Output range up to
  • Volume flow: 500,000 m³/h
  • Pressure: 10,000 Pa
  • Temperature: 400 °C
  • Output: 500 kW
  • Miscellaneous: Special material stainless steel
Areas of use
  • Yankee hoods
  • Yankee dryers

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