EVG-Lufttechnik has been delivering its fans and accessories for national and international tunnel projects since the 90s. Besides the large axial fans used for intake and exhaust systems in central ventilation plants, EVG Lufttechnik also supplies jet fans for generating thrust as well as fans for ventilation and smoke extraction in stairwells, galleries and emergency tunnels.

For the intake and exhaust air fans, free runners are used with carbon, aluminium or ductile graphite iron rotor blades that, according to the technical requirements, can be adjusted when stationary or also during operation. The adjustment of the rotor blades during operation can take place electromechanically or also hydraulically.

Our newly developed models for tunnel technology are distinguished by high energy efficiency, low noise emission and high operating safety. It is possible to certify the fans used as mechanical smoke and heat exhaust devices for all temperature-time classifications according to DIN EN 12101 Part 3.


PKE Verkehrstechnik GmbH - B500 Michaelstunnel, Baden-Baden

The development, certification and supply of two new exhaust air fans F400-120 combined with the modification and overhaul of existing fresh air fans - in the safe hands of EVG. The entire project, including the jet fans as well as the new safety ventilation, is supplied by EVG, thereby updating the tunnel to the latest level of safety. Better, more powerful and quieter than before.

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Dürr Group GmbH - B10 Tunnel Grötzingen, Germany

The safety-relevant retrofitting of the tunnel by doubling the volume flow with the same cross section creates extreme demands on the fans. EVG supplied the six fully reversible, electromechanically-controlled fans for requirements of up to 400 °C for more than 2 h. Due to the high power density of the specially developed impellers and the blade profiles, reserves are still available for increasing safety.

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B29 Einhorntunnel, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

The most complex 2012 infrastructure project in Baden-Württemberg represented a particular challenge for ventilation engineering. The two exhaust air fans with blades that can be adjusted when stationary guarantee safety in the tunnel up to 400 °C for at least 120 min. With efficiency factors above 80 %, the operating costs for ventilation also stay on budget.

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Limerick Tunnel Irland

The first and largest traffic tunnel in Ireland below the Shannon river was a challenge for all project participants. Through the ten fresh air fans with carbon blades, we also guarantee the extreme requirements of reaching full load from start-up in under 30 seconds. In this way we exceed all specifications regarding smoke extraction for both pipes and improve safety from every point of view.

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Output range up to 
  • Volume flow: 1,000,000 m³/h
  • Pressure: 3,000 Pa
  • Temperature: 400 °C (F 400-120 min)
  • Output: 800 kW
  • Miscellaneous: Blade adjustment during operation
Areas of use
  • Fresh air fans
  • Exhaust gas evacuation
  • Cross-drift ventilation